Walay title wa ko kabalo unsa na criticism ni basta Revolt from Hymen

The poem is written by Angela Manalang – Gloria. It has an abab cdcd rhyme scheme, an example of a soliloquy expressing her thoughts aloud about her experiences reinforced by the lines ‘O to be free at last, to sleep at last, With passion weighted down the breast’ and, ‘that marks the flesh no better than a whore’s!’. Her revulsion towards her being violated and at the same time her helplessness and frustration towards it were clearly depicted in the first and last lines, ‘O to be free at last, to sleep at last’ and, ‘That marks the flesh no better than a whore’s!’. She is free but at the same time she only has a single option and compares herself to a whore that is being violated for a price.

It follows spondaic pentameter as its rhythmic meter, conveying strong emotions, her revulsion towards the act and her helplessness. the theme of the story is marital rape, supplemented with the lines ‘ With passion weighted down upon the breast, is her husband above her as he violates her, ‘ To turn the face this way and that and feel’ and ‘No kisses festering on it like sores’, is literal representation of the act, her helplessness towards her husband’s actions, her turning her face opposite to her husband’s lips that felt like sores, painful and disgustingly filled with pus. The last line, ‘That marks the flesh no better than a whore’s!’, is her saying that she doesn’t like being used by her husband to fulfill his desires and she doesn’t like what she’s doing but she is helpless against his passion.

This reflects on the plight of most Filipina wives as women are less susceptible to their sexual urges and are less active compared to men who are always in heat as long as they can make their little friend stand in attention. A relationship where women have little choice but to obey their husbands to avoid arguments and domestic violence.

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