Marxism- The Lottery

The lottery begins abruptly with no context or what the story really is aside from there is going to be a lottery. The setting for the story, a gathering in a small rural village, the setting was emblematic of ”small town America” and many people identified directly with the setting and the gathering depicted. It was customary at that time for rural community leaders to organize summertime gatherings to draw people together in town centers to socialize, frequent, and support some of the town’s business establishments. In the story it was Mr. summers, a town leader who officiates the lottery.

He had made the paper slips listing the family with the help of Mr. Growes the night before. Mr. Summers works down the list of families, summoning the headman of each household, by the ending of the story, we learned that it was actually a sort of a ritual sacrifice and just like Mrs. Hutchinson said, ‘It isn’t fair, it isn’t fair’, because since Mr. Summer officiates the lottery and the listings, we can assume that just like any person that holds a position of power that uses their position to extort, coerce, and force people, he pulled some strings to assure his safety from this lottery or some sort of immunity befitting his position of power just like how he asserts that their village needs this barbaric tradition and shuns the other villages who are abandoning their traditions, being someone these people see as their leader, he easily coerces them into believing that he is right and the people that have second thoughts are easily brought to his side because others have chosen to believe in him as well.

It is worth noting that his life isn’t worth living, because he has a nag of a wife and childless. He is using his position to push through a scheme that would get rid of his wife through this tradition in the expense of the people. Just like how Apollo Quiboloy uses his glib tongue to give himself power that strengthens his position and the gullible masses believing his lies. The people in power is just like the lottery where you can only hope you can change your life for the better through them but you mostly make it worse because you’re spending more money than the chance of winning you’re paying for.

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