Deconstruction of Your Guardian Angel

This song was when I was in highscool. There was never a day where I didn’t sing it at my concert inside the bathroom while taking a bath. Just like any love struck teenager, I always thought of the song as something romantic and a symbol to remind me of my devotion to that love. Just like how she took something trivial as she never delved deeper into it, the song ‘Your Guardian Angel’ also has varying degrees of meaning depending on how deep or different you see its meaning.

Now that the blinding light of my love has waned and I now can see something else besides my devotion to her. A devotion deeper than mine, God’s devotion to humanity, where He gave His only Son for our salvation. The first stanza is how humanity has forsaken Him again and again but He never let go so He lived as a human to understand. The chorus is how Jesus was nailed on the cross that led to His death. The second stanza was Jesus’ suffering under the Jews and Pontius Pilate that should’ve lost his faith to humanity but didn’t because He died on the cross.

The last stanza is Jesus calling for us not to lose our way. That even if we do lose our way, He will always be there to find the sheep that lost its way. This kind of love and devotion was way deeper even before I first discovered something ‘trivial’ as a budding romantic love to hold on to with no one to reciprocate but if you love God, not only it is reciprocated, you also get more than you will ever deserve because that love will never be apart, crossing the boundaries of death.

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